Cigarette case with timer

Cigarette case with a built-in microprocessor - timer (timer) and electronic lock, designed for smokers who want to quit smoking or reduce cigarette consumption to a few pieces a day. While blocking latch cigarette case, given the time it is loaded with cigarettes in quantities up to 20 pieces, and can be set by the user in the range of 10 to 300 minutes. This allows you to smoothly get rid of nicotine addiction.


The method of using a cigarette case with a timer.

Cigarette case made ​​in the form as a normal pack of 20 cigarettes is about the same size, just opened, but has a metal casing, built-in microprocessor and an electronic lock that prevents access it, as long as the count is over a specified time .

Blocking time can be set from 10 to 300 minutes. On the housing has two LEDs.

If the red indicator, is counting the set time and open the cigarette case is impossible. If the green LED is lit, the countdown is completed, and the cigarette case can be opened. After closing his case begins a new countdown set time. This time you can change only when the cigarette case is closed.

Initially set the time, which is approximately equal to the already established smoker habit.

For example, when smoking two packs a day, the delay time is 15 to 20 minutes. When smoking one pack per day between 40 and 60 minutes.

With the passage of time (several months), and the delay increases gradually up to 300 minutes (5 hours). This allows for smooth suppress nicotine dependence, nicotine without agonizing starvation.

Sharp and a one-time waiver of cigarettes, many can not withstand. Furthermore, sharp nicotine deprivation can cause serious problems with health smoker. At the same time, wait a few minutes to regular cigarettes, can any smoker, a smooth increase in the lock time, will gradually forget about the stress-free cigarettes or smoke a few cigarettes a day.

Cigarette case very quickly pays for itself by saving cigarettes.
People who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day, and it is not uncommon to spend 3,000 rubles a month.
Reducing the consumption of

1 pack of cigarettes before, saves up to 1500 rubles a month.
The man who smokes a pack a day, can easily save 500 rubles per month





Cigarette case has two LEDs, red (3) and green (2).

The top cover has a control lever (1), which has two positions, open and


  On the reverse side there is a battery compartment for two AAA batteries (mezinchikovye).


Without batteries or batteries settled, open closed porsigar impossible.

Set the time.

The time can be set only when the lid is open porsigara. To do this, move the latch lever to the (closed), and wait a few seconds. As soon as the green light starts flashing, you count the number of flashes and release the lock as soon as inkikator, blink as many times.

Each flash of green light is 10 minutes.

If you release the latch after the first outbreak, it is 10 minutes, if after the second, it is 20 minutes after the third, it's 30 minutes, and so on. If you need to set the maximum wait time (300 minutes), then you need to let go of the latch after 30 flashes.

Once the latch is released, there is nothing more is not necessary, but you need to wait until the green LED blinks 10 more times. Will flash red.

It will show what time is set (set). To read this given time, you want to count the number of red flashes. It should be remembered that the long flash is 10 minutes, and it's a short one minute.

For example, if you set 20 minutes, the red LED blinks once a long flash and 10 times shorter.

If you installed the 30 minutes, the two long 10 short.

40 minutes - 3 long and 10 short

50 minutes - 4 long and 10 short

60 minutes - 5 long and 10 short

And so on. When the alarm time is the one you asked (counting green flash), you can close and lock the cigarette case.

Closure of his case.

1)       close the lid closed.

2)       Move the latch to the (closed) and release.


Opening his case.

To open the latch needs to be translated to the (closed). If the green LED lights up, then press the lever to position

(Open) and open the lid. If the red light flashes, it is not a set time and came porsigar opens.

However, the number and the length of the red flashes, you can see the time remaining before the opening.

One long flash is 10 minutes, and one short one minute.


If you are satisfied with a given time delay after opening the case and remove the cigarette from him, just close the lid and lock it. The delay time before the next opening will reset automatically.

Remember that the battery replacement closed his case the effect of resetting the time. That is, the countdown to the opening delay starts from the beginning.


Replacing the batteries.

The battery compartment is located on the back side of the case and is available at any time.

Awl sharp object, the tip of a pen or something similar, pry off and remove the battery cover.

Replace the batteries and put the cap back on, pushing it until it clicks.

One set of batteries will last for a couple of months of work.

Low battery leads to the fuzzy operation lock cigarette case - for example, when trying to open or not open or lock time starts from the beginning.



The design of this model of his case has a large safety margin. Elements of the lock and latch are made ​​of high-strength tool steel and virtually no wear out. Electronic circuit and processor also designed many years of work. Processor memory is able to store information for decades. All electronics are protected by a special diode and is not afraid of the battery polarity and overvoltage.

However, water and dust in porsigar not allowed. The fall of the cigarette case from a height of 1 meter or a strong blow to the body, leading to a brief interruption in power supply (batteries are briefly disconnected from the pins), and this leads to reset the time and timing begins anew.

Guarantees a period of 6 months

The warranty does not apply to goods from mechanical damage, flooded with water and heavily polluted.



Current Price to porsigar floating and depends on the ratio of demand-supply.

The lower limit - $ 100 for 1 piece.

Ornamental patterns.

By the order can be executed more jewelry processing.

Chrome plating, nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, engraving, drawing gift inscription, etc.

The basic version of high-quality housing glued over the metallized film.


Terms of delivery.

Current price $ 250   each, excluding postage.


Cigarette manufactured and delivered to order.

Delivery time 2 months.

Delivery - mail.

Method of payment - cash.

Orders are accepted via e-mail........(




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